High Volume Hand Sanitiser Dispenser – Up to 3,000 measures per refill

Here at Planit Event Solutions we are planning ahead to the day when our offices and workplaces open again for business.  

Following HSE guidelines to keep staff and customers safe on the premises will mean ensuring employers/business owners provide sanitiser dispensers for all their staff and customers in the weeks and months ahead.

Planit Event Solutions have sourced an efficient, cost effective model of dispenser that is durable and robust and will continue to provide a safe sanitisation option for your staff into the coming months.

This dispenser ticks all the boxes for your office space, clean, sleek design, can be monitored remotely and has a 21.5” tablet screen which can be customised with your graphics or message.  The dispenser can cater to workspaces with high volumes of traffic as it can dispense up to 3000 single measures of hand gel before it needs to be refilled.