We would like to guarantee all visitors to the planit.ie website that under no circumstances do we carry out the following:

  • Link IP address to anything personally identifiable
  • Share the information we track on this site, in any form with advertisers or other parties
  • Release personal information about any individual visitor

PLANIT is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of external websites to which we may link to. 

If you provide us with personal information such as your name or email address via our website, or our electronic publications and surveys, with your consent we may use that information to send you updates on our latest programmes/services and opportunities. You can choose to opt out of these communications at any time. To opt out of any email communications from us, please click the ‘unsubscribe’ link that appears at the footer of the email in question. 

Alternatively, if you wish to be removed from our database /mailing lists or have any further queries please contact us.



PLANIT consider your privacy very important and treat any personal information you share with us as confidential. Please note that by using the planit.ie website you are agreeing to the privacy statement detailed below. Please read this document carefully.

If you do not agree with any part of this privacy statement please discontinue using planit.ie or contact info@planit.ie

PLANIT may occasionally update our privacy policy so check this page regularly for any changes.
Last updated: 15 May 2018.

PLANIT are not responsible for the privacy practices of any external websites linked to from this website.




PLANIT only collects personal information that you give us, for example, through our online forms or through email.
PLANIT will never share your personal information with third parties without your consent. The only exceptions to this is where it is publically availabile (ie listed on your website) or unless we are compelled to by law. You acknowledge that if we are obliged to disclose your information by law we will comply with legal process.




You have a right to know if PLANIT holds personal information about you. You have a right to be told what information is being held and for what purpose it is being used. Your request should be made in writing to info@planit.ie.
You have a right to be given a copy of the personal data we collected through this website. There may be a charge for this service, more details on application.




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These cookies allow planit.ie to perform statistical analysis on sections of the site (e.g. which sections are popular), and help us to improve the user experience.



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Wikipedia Article About Cookies

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BBC WebWise – What are Cookies?




If you sign up for our email newsletters PLANIT will use the information you gave us to send you email newsletters.

You can unsubscribe from any of thePLANIT newsletters via the “unsubscribe” link in the newsletter itself or by emailing us at info@planit.ie and request to be removed from the mailing list.




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