Brand Experiences

PLANIT is at the forefront of redefining “Brand Experience” by blending artistry with innovation to elevate brands into cultural phenomena. We curate immersive and ground-breaking activations that go beyond the event, embedding memorable stories into the fabric of the audience’s daily lives. Our strategy involves a symphony of immersive storytelling, cutting-edge design, and impeccable execution to push the limits of engagement.  At PLANIT, every event is a canvas for showcasing brand ethos, achieved through a fusion of creativity, technology, and visionary planning.  We transform events into lasting legacies, connecting brands and audiences on a profound level.

Trade Shows and Conferences

At PLANIT, we transform trade shows and conferences into epicentres of innovation and engagement.  Our expertise lies in integrating forward-thinking technology with strategic planning to forge unparalleled event experiences.  We focus on fostering meaningful connections, elevating brand presence, and leading industry change.  Our commitment to sustainability and operational excellence, paired with creative ingenuity, sets a new standard for event execution, far surpassing traditional expectations to meet and exceed our clients’ ambitious goals.


PLANIT’s design ethos marries creativity with precision, offering a comprehensive array of services from graphic design to digital marketing strategies, ensuring your event captivates and resonates.  Our approach is to narrate visual tales that engage, produce impressive materials, and amplify your event’s impact digitally.  With PLANIT, each event is transformed into a visually and strategically compelling narrative, embodying innovation, and bespoke engagement, making every experience memorable.

Event Management

With PLANIT, your vision is meticulously brought to life through a blend of innovative strategy, budgetary finesse, and creative flair.  Specializing in venue curation, seamless vendor collaboration, and leveraging the latest technology, we ensure every facet of your event is executed flawlessly.  Our commitment to detailed logistics and insightful post-event analysis ensures alignment with your vision, setting a new benchmark for excellence.  Let PLANIT be the architect of your next unforgettable event, where every moment is crafted to perfection.

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