Halloween like you never seen before (Engagement & Party Ideas)

By Ghoulie the Ghost

  • Zoom Parties

Hop on your Next-door App and help coordinate a neighbourhood Zoom party complete with games, scary stories and a costume contest. Goodie bags and candy buckets can be dropped off on doorsteps in advance or porch pickups can be arranged from one location!

  • Netflix Party

Netflix should be offering up some Halloween classics and fear filled favourites to choose from this Halloween. It’s the perfect time to check out their new free extension that lets you start, stop and pause a movie so you can watch it at the same time as a group of friends or family — remotely.

  • Porch Pics

Commemorate this once in a Blue Moon Halloween with some epic porch pics! Grab your selfie-stick, gear up and get out there for some #halloweenporchpics. Don’t forget to show off your Halloween houses, pet costumes and favourite little monsters!

  • Candy Stations

Unleash your imagination and let the kids run amok all through the house, both inside and out! Pull out all the stops with a variety of different candy stations, custom made with your little crew in mind!

  • Dress for Dinner

Don’t just wear the costume… become the costume! Plan a Halloween feast for your family with one simple rule… everyone must stay in costume AND in character for the entire meal! Give each participant some time to come up with an accent and a backstory before the night begins then the laughter and the memories will be endless!

  • Costume Tik Toks

Inspiration abounds when it comes to making a like-worthy Tik Tok. Try the family costume challenge and flash from smallest to largest family member wearing the same costume! Don’t forget fido!

  • Scavenger Hunt House

Find inspiration in Halloween movies, music and more! Create different theme rooms throughout the house and send the kids on a scavenger hunt for fun swag. Hide candy, toys and prizes or even make some gift certificates to stay up late, choose the movie or eat an extra piece of candy. Keep the big kids engaged by including QR codes and pic challenges.

  • Halloween Karaoke

Whether you’re pulling off a tribute to Thriller or takin’ it back to the old school with some Monster Mash, a Halloween hit list for a night of Karaoke is sure to bring the house down. Up the ante with awards for the best impersonation, funniest choreography or the greatest overall showman!

  • Halloween Piñata

Here’s a fun way for the kids to get candy without the spread of germs! Add some Halloween tunes and turn your evening into a family game night with the piñata as the grand finale!

  • Grown Folk Fun

If you’ve never been to a murder mystery, here’s your chance to go all out with an online murder mystery party! Invite your friends and family to don a costume and join in on the fun. Design your own party or sign up for one online.

Celebrate that extra daylight saving hour with a late-night creature feature! Pull an all-nighter and hand craft a must-see movie list of your top 3 fun shows… After all, it’s Saturday! Just don’t forget the candy!