By Marie Byrne

The Christmas period often produces a feeling of anti-climax. Realise you are not alone. Lots of people are going through the same feelings. Now let’s not dwell on those negative thoughts and feelings, and let’s look towards a healthier, better version of yourself in 2022. We’re all in this life together, so here are some care tips that will help you kick start your new year.

“People think self-care is having a bath but it’s how you speak to yourself on a daily basis” Pat Divilly.

Tip # 1. Making the Best New Year’s Resolution for 2022

Don’t make New Year’s resolutions if the thought of doing so makes you feel anxious. The ideal resolution is one that can be measured and obtained. The most appropriate resolution for the year 2022 is to be kind to yourself. If we don’t meet our goals in a timely manner, we may feel bad and, as a result, demotivated. Nobody enjoys being a failure! Focus on your strengths and how you can use them to live a more fulfilling life. Rather than New Year’s resolutions, we need New Year’s resilience.

Tip #2: Surround yourself with individuals who share your values.

Examine your values and then seek out people who share them. The ones who have goals and objectives, who get things done, who encourage one another, and who want to be there for you through highs and lows! These people will only encourage you to pursue your goals, just as you will encourage them to pursue theirs. They’re also highly beneficial for thriving and sustaining mental wellness. They will support you when you are down and rejoice with you when you are happy.

Tip #3: Avoid being around negative people.

When you remove yourself from people that constrain you or try to put a damper on your ability to realise who you truly are, you get to be yourself. You get to see it for yourself! This has a lot of power, and you’ll quickly understand that if you’re curious and brave enough to find out, life can truly be limitless! You’ll learn to value yourself and the life you’ve been given. Things will appear to be lot clearer, and you’ll have a solid foundation to fall back on should you hit a rough patch.

Tip #4: Let the Joy in

We feel good about ourselves when we are happy. We are self-assured, capable, loved, and fulfilled. All of these are fantastic reasons to have greater joy in our life. One obvious technique to achieve a sense of well-being, calmness, and joy is to meditate. Another approach to experience the delight of beauty and oneness with a bigger whole is to be alone in nature.

Replace negative beliefs about yourself with affirmations that honour you, such as “I’m fine just the way I am.” I’m entire and total. I gave it my all. This is something I’m capable of. I’m proud of myself. “What I’m looking for is already within me.”

Tip #5. Try Something New

It’s time to re-ignite your imagination, fire up your senses, and turn yourself around if you’re lacking motivation and desire. Simply by attempting something new and unusual, you can achieve this.

Our brains and bodies are challenged when we try something new, such as acquiring a new skill. Trying new activities, especially ones we were previously hesitant to try, allows us to venture beyond of our comfort zone. We have the ability to feel, perceive, and recognise opportunities once we leave our comfort zone. Something new jolts and stimulates us intellectually, emotionally, and physically, allowing us to break the monotony of habit. We improve and learn to be more receptive to change and new experiences if we continue to attempt new things.

“People think self-care is having a bath but it’s how you speak
to yourself on a daily basis”

Pat Divilly

Tip #6. Plan a Holiday

The combination of dreary days and cold and miserable weather is one of the main reasons we find January depressing. Having something to look forward to gives us a sense of purpose, excitement, and joy in our daily lives.

What’s even better? Planning a holiday.

According to experts, simply imagining a sunny trip is enough to keep your endorphins flowing. Planning an interesting trip is a great way to beat the January blues. Prepare for your trip by deciding who you’ll go with, where you’ll go, and what you’ll do once your there.

Actively set up blocks on distracting apps and notifications
You can choose one-hour, two-hour, or longer blocking sessions and you will find that you have more headspace as you are not worrying about missing notifications.

Need 100% focus – set your phone on airplane mode
When you start doing an important task that requires full focus, set your phone on airplane mode so that nobody can disturb you.

Tip #7. Help Others

In helping others, we help ourselves to feel better.

Pay attention to others around you and consider what you might do to make their life simpler. Any small act of kindness can improve someone’s day. Donating your time helps you to engage with your community while also helping to improve it.
The start of a new year is an excellent opportunity to organise and declutter your home. Rather than throwing away items you no longer require, consider donating them to someone who does. Another option is to give blood. It has the potential to save a life. Make an effort to say “thank you” to every person who plays a part in your life, no matter how big or small. Expressing gratitude for another person’s actions shows that you notice them.


Make sure you look after yourself. Make time for yourself when you can get away from your regular responsibilities and the noise, stimulation, and demands of your surroundings. Joy is easy to come by when we focus on our own needs in a caring and loving manner. Get a massage for yourself. Close the door, put your feet up, and take in the view of the world through the window. Take a stroll. These types of activities re-energise us and provide genuine happiness for our bodies and spirits. Remind yourself that it is up to me to take care of myself.

We hope these hints and tips will keep you in good cheer this January.

If there’s one thing you should remember it’s this: your happiness is down to you. If you commit yourself to being unhappy this month, you will be.

If you do something about the January blues, you can and will get yourself through it positively and happily!