By Antoinette Redmond

Ibec is Ireland’s largest and most influential business lobby and representative group, with its members employing over 70% of private sector workers. 

The Ibec KeepWell Summit, held annually is an event designed to help organisations embed health and wellbeing into their corporate culture in a way that enhances the mental, social and physical wellbeing and productivity of their staff. 

The Challenge:

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has been a catalyst for change. Organisations everywhere have had to find new ways to engage, motivate and protect the wellbeing of staff, the pursuit of workplace wellbeing only accelerated. 

2020 March, the time when live industry came to an immediate halt. Ibec worked tremendously to ensure its members’ still had the platform to address and resolve the workplace safety and wellness, the KeepWell Summit 2020 became crucial to be executed in a safe environment and made accessible to all its members.

The live event requires planning months ahead, however with the 2020 changes, the challenge was unique of finding new platforms and time bound.

The Solution:

Hybrid: The key to resolve and revive the events amidst the pandemic. At Planit, we ensured team worked closely with Ibec organisers from the minute detail of the look and feel of the event behind the LED screen, floor managing to the technical details of reaching out and engaging the audience throughout the xx hours of the event. The finer details of studio prep to the sanitisation of the venue and screening of the crew and presenters for COVID-19 was discussed and agreed to ensure the event ran smoothly in a safe environment.   

Every design asset was a touchpoint in making the event successful as we had ruled out captivating the audience live in a well set up, larger than life venue, interacting face-to-face.


The Result:

  • Increased reach and attendance.
  • Amplified post event data.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Greater audience engagement – supported a very relevant topic.
  • Improved ROI.
  • In 2021 the event trended throughout the day knocking Britney Spears off the top spot!!

In conclusion, Hybrid events offers a perfect solution to the current challenges of time and space, however as the world returns to normal, live in person events being brought back, hybrid events will continue to be a part of the event planning. Thank you to the Events Team at Ibec for having Planit work with you on the KeepWell Summit.