Whats the Challenge?

The biggest challenge that we faced when rebranding LDV to MAXUS will be overcoming past negative or indeed neutral perceptions from both potential and current customers. The second challenge will be to avoid confused messaging given that the LDV brand is not disappearing and will live on through the V80 and eV80 models. Key goals for success will have to focus, not only on changing perceptions for the better, but also keeping messaging consistent.

What’s the aim?

Our aim is to implement a successful rebrand whilst at the same time incorporating a “PURE” marketing campaign, which inturn will complement the overall goal of a MAXUS rebrand. 

How It Works

The Creative

How will we achieve it?

We want to let the consumer know that MAXUS is a premium brand, whilst also highlighting the importance that the MAXUS range is “PURE”. In order to achieve this we will firstly develop a brand message, this message will be displayed on all creative assets used in MAXUS marketing, such as digital banners, outdoor signage, social media creatives, and video assets.

What’s the Brand Message?

Play on the purity of the e DELIVER 3 and the e DELIVER 9. Obviously we are promoting the brand and not just MAXUS ev range, but a MAXUS pure campaign will also work on the full range of vehicles. 


The rational behind our creative thinking and production of these images are based on the “PURE” theme of this campaign. We wanted to find “PURE” elements in the world around us and sprinkle them into our design, Elements such as oxygen and water. We also wanted to incorporate MAXUS stepping out of the shadows past and being highlighted front and center in the light. We added a halo effect to really reinforce the purity of the MAXUS range.


Online Media

MAXUS Convoy