Sustainable Event Management

An event can’t be cost-effective, sustainable and still decent. Surely something has got to give? WRONG.

This myth has been plaguing event professionals for years making it seem like it’s an impossible feat to host amazing events and reduce the impact on the environment. We have set out to show you that this isn’t true, and while green meeting practices are a fine art to nail down, once you have those processes in place (and really understand the green meetings definition) they are highly rewarding.

With Ireland fast establishing itself as Europe’s digital hub, at Planit we source venues that have taken into account the value of being environmentally sustainable. Some examples of venues with sustainability policies in place are:

  • The Convention Centre
  • The Aviva Stadium
  • Dublin Zoo
  • The RDS

Choosing sustainable catering

When sourcing a catering option for our client, Planit use the  following criteria to help us in choosing a suitable caterer:

  • Is the produce fresh and locally sourced?
  • Can reusable, compostable or recyclable dinnerware be supplied?
  • Can materials be provided to assist with proper waste management?