What is a Virtual Event?

Virtual events are online event’s, which can include webinars, virtual conferences, internal hybrid events, and external hybrid events. Due to Covid-19 in-person meetings and events have been restricted; however, the events that your company had planned should not be cancelled altogether.

We are helping our clients to target and engage with their staff or clients by allowing them to interact in a virtual environment. It is important to continue to adapt to these changing times in order to ensure your company continues to thrive.   

PLANIT has experience in planning virtual events and can provide an online platform for your event.   Not only that but we will ensure to create an impactful event that goes well-beyond the computer screen because we know that hosting a virtual event requires the same care and attention as an in-person event. Virtual events are convenient for both the company and the client and have many key benefits. 

Why Virtual Events?

1.Virtual events offer a platform to connect dozens to thousands of attendees from across the world. It gives companies global access to reach and target a larger market. 

2.Virtual events are extremely interactive and engaging for audiences. Companies can continue to share and promote their content with clients while allowing them to truly experience the event as well.

3.Virtual events are a lower cost for companies and therefore, companies have the

4.Companies have the choice to make the virtual event interactive, invite guest speakers, offer language options, etc. Also, they can choose to do live streaming or video or audio only depending on what the best option is for the company.

5.Valuable statistics and collection of information is made easy with virtual events. Companies can know who attends their virtual event, where they are attending it from, when they attend it, the number attending, etc.

6.Virtual events allow companies to hear and collect feedback from their audience. Attendees are constantly online at virtual events, which means they can easily answer real-time polls, Q&A’s or surveys during the event. This feedback will help presenters gauge how their event is going and it will also be useful to measure the overall success of the company’s virtual event.

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