By Antoinette Redmond

Planit were delighted to have the opportunity to work with Harris MAXUS & the GreenFleet Team on the EV Rally 2023.

In Dublin, 7th July 2023 – Five days, five cities, 100 drivers, fifty electric vehicles and almost 1200 e-mile across the UK and Ireland, today saw Dublin host the conclusion of GreenFleet magazine’s EV Rally, organised to demonstrate the role EVs play in the world today.

The Five Cities EV Rally challenge, which started in Cardiff on July 3rd, saw the driver’s power into Dublin and cross the finishing line at the headquarters of commercial vehicle distributor, HARRIS MAXUS, a brand seen as one of the trailblazers of the EV market in Ireland and the UK.

As well has hosting the finishing event, HARRIS MAXUS took part in the electric challenge with a team of four drivers completing the full 1200-mile (2,000km) route in two state-of-the-art MIFA 9 (electric MPV) and T90EV (electric pickup truck) vehicles.

Mrs Denise Harris, CEO of The Harris Group, welcomed participating teams and rally organisers as they crossed the finish line: “We’re thrilled to welcome the EV Rally to Dublin and are honoured to be part of this fantastic showcase. This event is an important one, demonstrating EV capabilities in terms of power, technology, and real-world range.

“The road to zero is long, and we are still a while away from the finish line, but events such as this help encourage drivers to transition to EV and highlight to stakeholders and governments alike that there is still work to do to drive forth the move to net zero motoring.”

As the Official Event Logistics Partner, MAXUS supported the EV Rally with transport solutions, providing rally organisers with supporting vehicles through each stage of the event.

Following the success of the inaugural EV Rally in 2022 which saw drivers travel from the tip of Scotland at John O’Groats to Land’s End at the bottom of Britain, this year’s rally upped the ante, expanded its route to include Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The 50-strong convoy of electric vehicles was made up of eLCVs, e-motorcycles and zero-emission HGVs which were driven by fleet professionals, key industry people, media and celebrities.

The teams set off from Cardiff and travel through Bristol, Heathrow, Wembley and Leicester before finishing the first stage at Nottingham. On day two, drivers travel 316 e-miles through York and head north to Edinburgh city.

The third leg saw the group travel from Edinburgh to Cairnes on the west coast of Scotland before boarding a ferry to Belfast in Northern Ireland. Day four and five saw the delegates loop through Cloughmills and Ballymoney to Newry in Co Down before making their way south of the border to Co Westmeath.

The rally participants then veered east to enjoy a scenic drive through the Wicklow countryside before ending the 1,200-mile (2,000km) journey at Harris Group’s headquarters in Dublin.

The EV Rally 2023 was an outstanding success, exceeding our expectations in multiple aspects. Here are some key highlights:

  • High participation: The event attracted a significant number of participants, including electric vehicle enthusiasts, industry professionals, and potential customers. The large turnout showcased the growing interest in electric vehicles and specifically the T90 EV pickup.
  • Positive feedback: Attendees expressed immense satisfaction with the event, praising the organization, activities, and overall experience. The positive feedback indicates that the event effectively captured their attention and left a lasting impression.
  • Brand exposure: The T90 EV pickup garnered substantial brand exposure throughout the rally. The vehicle’s presence, combined with engaging displays and interactive experiences, ensured that it stood out among the competition and captured the attention of attendees.
  • Lead generation: The rally generated a remarkable number of high-quality leads for the T90 EV pickup. Many attendees expressed genuine interest in learning more about the vehicle, test-driving it, and potentially making a purchase. This indicates a strong potential for future sales conversions.
  • Media coverage: The EV Rally 2023 received significant media coverage, both from traditional outlets and digital platforms. The coverage highlighted the T90 EV pickup as a standout participant, emphasizing its features, performance, and environmental benefits. This exposure contributed to increased brand visibility and reach.
  • Collaboration opportunities: The rally presented excellent opportunities for collaborations and partnerships within the electric vehicle industry. Several key players expressed interest in collaborating with our brand, opening doors to future collaborations that can enhance the promotion and distribution of the T90 EV pickup.
  • Positive impact on brand perception: The success of the EV Rally 2023 positively influenced the perception of the Harris MAXUS brand and the T90 EV pickup. By showcasing the vehicle’s capabilities and engaging with potential customers, we have established a strong foundation for building trust and credibility within the market.

Overall, the EV Rally 2023 proved to be a remarkable success, successfully generating leads, driving brand exposure, and positively impacting our sales strategy for the T90 EV pickup.   The achievements and positive outcomes from this event will undoubtedly guide our future marketing endeavors.