By Aoife Murtagh

The events industry is constantly evolving and is driven by technological advancements and changing customer preferences. Looking at the year 2023 and beyond, many changes are expected to alter the events industry, altering the way in which events are planned, executed and managed. In this blog, these trends and technologies will be explored.

Customer Preferences

Recently, customer preferences have changed drastically and customers are seeking an unique experience at events. Going forward, events will increasingly incorporate interactive technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality to create these experiences for event attendees. Flexible event formats will also be sought after by event attendees. Event managers must meet this trend by offering flexible formats to meet preferences. From small and more intimate get togethers to large scale conferences, attendees will have the option to choose an event that suits their needs.


The rise of Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning has begun to became a major component in the events industry. AI can help to create data-driven insights into consumer preferences, matching event attendees with relevant content and connections. Similarly, chatbots and virtual assistants will be becoming more common at events. AI assistants provide the opportunity to enhance attendee experiences and meet consumer preferences by providing information and support.

Hybrid Events & Virtual Platforms

Since the Covid19 pandemic, the adoption of virtual events and hybrid events have been a regular occurrence and are here to stay for 2023 and beyond. Hybrid events can provide the opportunity to reach a wider audience and provide flexibility for attendees. Hybrid event work well because they enhance accessibility and create opportunities for interactive virtual experiences.

Similarly, virtual platforms offer an immersive experience for attendees. These technologies include features such as live streaming, networking lounges and interactive chat tools. Event attendees can participate in sessions, network with others, and access event resources from all over the world.

Sustainability & Green Initiatives

More than ever, renewable energy solutions have been on the top of the agenda. Using renewable energy sources at events is an important way to reduce an events carbon footprint. In 2023 and beyond, events will massively focus on minimizing waste and the implementation of recycling. Eco-friendly practices will be prioritised.

The events industry is facing remarkable transformations over the coming years, mostly driven by emerging trends and technologies. By embracing these emerging trends and technologies, the events industry will continue to evolve, adapting to the changing needs and preferences of attendees in 2023 and beyond.