By Sangeetha Shreekar

December is the party season. Be it hosting family for the much-awaited Christmas dinner or having friends over to ring in the NYE in style. The food being the focus, throwing in the right entertainment mix to your party will guarantee you a great evening. We bring you a few ideas to get the party going:

Classic kris kindle: Why limit it to the workplace when it is more fun to play it with friends and family. Settle on a budget and get the party excitement a week before with the gift exchange planning. Want to get more creative, set the rule as handmade gifts only! Let the creativity flow with lots of craic in the evening.

Festive playlist: A party is never complete without the right playlist. Christmas theme in mind, set the playlist to move from energetic to classic to jazz Christmas. If you have guests who would indulge more, go for the carol singing hour, dive into the festive spirit the right way!

Dress up drinks: The bubbles are always a welcome cheer before the party begins, however the mulled wine can keep the party going. You could also add in cranberry/orange juice ice cubed to go with the mixers. Go an extra mile with the Santa hats for the glasses and set up the cart with garlands, garnishes of rosemary, dried citrus and more. You could go non-alcoholic and set up hot cocoa station, get the sugar rush for a fun filled evening.

Holiday Bingo: Everyone loves bingo, make it a festive one. It takes little advanced prep to pull together the gear you need for Christmas bingo, but if you are looking for ideas you can find the easy, free, printable options here.  Encourage a little healthy competition with small items to mark spots, and even prizes for the winners.

Candy cane arts and hunts: Get crafty, set up a candy cane craft. Invite friends over to craft fresh holiday decor out of peppermint sticks and candy canes. The season’s most ubiquitous treat is more versatile than you think! Besides candy canes, peppermint sticks and peppermints, hot glue gunsred cotton stringglass pillar candle holders, and festive ribbons are just a few must-haves. Or pull an easter hunt trick with candy canes, get people moving.

Gingerbread party: Get the supplies out with a timer. Ask the guests to make their gingerbread house with given supplies in the shortest amount of time and let the chosen judge have a go at the skilful art exhibits. The fastest and the strongest one wins!

Get competitive: If the guests are not crafty, they can be sporty! Based on the age group, line up the game night to bring in the competitive spirits. The card and board games for large group has significantly increased and you can check the range from werewolf, sequence, cards against humanity, beat that and more. Or go TikTok trends with crazy challenges of beer pongs with a twist of baubles and more.

Enjoy the inspiration, then get ready to throw the merriest holiday party ever. Have a merry and joyous holiday!