By Sangeetha Shreekar

The event planning and event management terms are often used interchangeably, we bring you the reasons why it shouldn’t be the case in the events industry.


Event planning is conceptualising and developing the event taking into consideration big factors like floorplans, down to small details like table centrepieces. Event management on the other hand is to ensure that the delivery of the event runs smoothly, and meets all expectations.

Event planning comprises of a vision, the event planner would don the role of a strategist in creating a compelling narrative of the event. It stems from the idea of event theme to selecting venue, negotiations with all the parties involved including caterers to performers.

  • Choosing venue, themes, colour schemes.
  • Designing the space, table layouts.
  • Booking the performers/entertainers.
  • Foreseeing the pre-contracts, budget and negotiations.

Event manager on the other hand will deliver the flawless execution of the event plan. The event management would also include contingency planning. The emphasis for event manager role is on actually seeing the event through, and putting any fires out on-site.

  • Handle event day logistics.
  • Managing the vendors for on time availability & execution.
  • Oversee the staff and guests while event goes live.
  • Resolving on-site crisis.

The event planner and event manager would often work in sync for a successful event. The communication is the key. It is significant to understand the differences between the two as you delegate the roles to execute your event.


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