By Sangeetha Shreekar

At PLANIT, we believe in insisting our clients to have the yearly calendar planned during the early start of the year, it is the best time to secure vendors and places at the best prices! If you have not realised the benefits of long term planning, check out our earlier blog here.

The event industry is a $1trillion worth worldwide. 2023 is the year where the live events are in full force and organisations are eager to get the dates book for face-to-face interactions which has sorely been missed. 

  • The event tech would be the prime focus during the surge of the in-person events. Adding the WOW factor with the emerging AI and UX experience, there would be a high demand for legal support in terms of data protection for clients. The event tech though would not be welcoming metaverse merged into the experience, however personalised marketing and recommendations would be on the growth side.
  • Catered and seasonal event professionals aiming for quality over quantity of events. Post pandemic, the work-life balance has taken a priority and the right talent will be in high demand.
  • The year will be marked by companies/organisations to lure back people to workplace. The offsite events, team building exercises and the events aimed at company goals and visions would be the top priorities from the client side.
  • Video curated events. Video will continue to generate highest form engagement, online and offline. A well presented and curated video presentations will continue to enthral the audience, integrated with the AR/VR will be in high demand at the events.
  • Cause based marketing of events will also be making a mark. Every event will be required to support a cause, taking a stand and supporting a cause will be the call of the hour. The companies would require to asses the intentions and purpose as the consumers, attendees are more conscious of lifestyle choices and brands and companies they support and promote.
  • Diversity and inclusion in the events industry will need to held higher. the need to promote and encourage diversity and inclusivity at events—as well as within the event industry as a whole has been a hot topic, with some companies taking the necessary steps. It is time to ramp up and invest in these initiatives in 2023.
  • Sustainability is definitely not to be forgotten as the transition from hybrid to more in-person event occurs. We have a curated list to make every event a sustainable one.

We hope the above pointers will provide a good framework to look forward to 2023 with optimism. Do follow us on social media as we bring the above elements to live for across all our events curated for our client in 2023.