By Sangeetha Shreekar

Event logistics refers to a specialty that encompasses everything from storage to material preparation and efficient transportation of both people and goods. All this, to achieve the success of the event. This task for the event organiser could be daunting when not managed well and in this blogpost, we bring you the right tips to run the logistic smoothly.

  • Venue: Choosing the venue can either make or break the success of the event. Furthermore, hiring competent vendors and suppliers is key to managing event logistics effectively. In a survey of event planners, 92% reported that working with experienced vendors and suppliers was critical to the success of their events.

  • Storage: Every event involves storage and movements of materials and needs to be handled with the right planning and transportation. In the environment conscious events world, it is also critical every item stored and used have a traceability of every material to make it a sustainable process from start to finish.

  • Vendors and suppliers: The people in event logistics will be the backbone of the successful event. Hiring and contracting the right people at the right time would be the key. In a survey of event planners, 85% reported that effective communication and clear role assignments were important to their success. Having everyone agreed to the schedule and contingency training will deliver a successful event.

  • Technology: The hardware and software tools and techniques to be used in the event execution is also part of the logistics. It Is this part of the logistics which has a higher probability of throwing in a surprise no-show with its function and demands contingency planning. The vendor/supplier needs to ensure and assure that there are backups and testing time allotted before the event.

The above being the basic event logistics for any event, the below 5 best practices will help in execution of a successful event:

    • Communicate Duties and Requirements Clearly
    • Plan the Event Budget Meticulously
    • Get Creative with the Experiential Aspect
    • Put Extra Effort into Swag Bags
    • Prioritize Event Technology

Managing event logistics requires serious forethought and careful monitoring throughout the event lifecycle. Being on point with the logistical side of your planning ensures flawless event execution and improves the event experience. Our 35yrs of experience of planning bar mitzvah to weddings to corporate events, we assure the success of the event. To know more, chat to us at info@planit.ie