By Sangeetha Shreekar

It’s that time of year again – New Year’s resolutions season! As we bid farewell to the old and usher in the new, we can’t help but ponder: are we setting ourselves up for success or just pulling a classic case of “new year, same me”? Grab a cup of coffee or your favourite snack, because we’re about to spill the tea on the secrets behind resolutions, and trust us, it’s a wild ride!

The Scoop on the Stats:

We recently dug deep into the numbers, and it turns out that 62% of us feel the pressure to whip up a resolution. Ladies, you’re rocking it at 64%, while gents are chilling at a cool 60%. No pressure, right? But guess what tops the charts? Fitness! 48% of us are determined to break a sweat in 2024, and we’re here for it. Mental health’s in the mix too, with 36% declaring war on stress – because who needs that, right?

Two-Month Magic:

Hold onto your hats because this one’s a kicker – 22% of resolution-makers admit their commitment lasts about as long as your favourite TV series binge. Yep, two months and poof! But hey, who can blame us? Life gets busy, and Netflix just keeps dropping those tempting series.

Tools of the Trade:

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that apps are our sidekicks in the quest for resolution success. Fitness apps (hello, personal trainer on our phones!), diet programs, gym memberships, and even habit-tracking apps are in the mix. Meditation apps are here too, because sometimes you just need a moment of zen between Netflix marathons.

Beyond 2024:

Despite the challenges and pressures associated with New Year’s resolutions, a remarkable 86% of respondents believe that their goals will have a positive impact extending beyond 2024. Nearly 57% even anticipate that their resolutions will continue to influence their lives for three years or more.


So, are New Year’s resolutions the real deal or just a fancy way of making us feel productive? We say it’s a bit of both! Embrace the quirks, laugh off the pressure, and dive into 2024 with a mix of determination and a good sense of humour. Whether you’re aiming for abs of steel or just trying not to press snooze five times, let’s make this year different – in the most fabulous, fun, and downright fantastic way possible! Cheers to a year of surprises, self-improvement, and a whole lot of laughs along the way!