By Aoife Murtagh

Regaining your productivity after the summer holidays isn’t the easiest task. Follow these 4 tips to get back to the peak of productivity.

For most of us, the month of September signals the end of summer. Astronomically, the September equinox officially marks the end of Summer. Although saying goodbye to summer can feel like the end of the world, the new season can get you back to the peak of productivity. As the summer draws to a close and school returns, the change of seasons signifies forward momentum, success, productivity and deep meaningful change. Whilst a routine may sound mundane, it is necessary to provide structure and productivity. To achieve maximum productivity in September, follow these 4 tips for an effective routine.

Tip #1 Get Reorganised

Productivity begins with organisation and now that the summer months have passed and the season has changed, it’s time to get reorganised! Having some level of organisation in your life and you plan and have a routine, you can get through the week with ease. Make a list of all the important things you want to achieve in the month of September and a means of achieving them.

Tip #2 Have Some Downtime

Ensure to incorporate downtime into your routine as life is all about little breaks. When we step away and clear our mind, we return more productive. Productivity and downtime go hand in hand as a brief amount of downtime allows our brains to consolidate and organise. It is important to consider that ‘downtime is just as important as the hustle’.  

Tip #3 Establish a Morning Routine

A crucial way to get to the peak of productivity is to establish a morning routine that works best for you. Besides being organised, an optimised morning routine can set you up for a successful day ahead. Just 30 minutes of exercise in the morning can help boost your productivity for the rest of the day. Walk or cycle to work if possible or get up half an hour earlier than usual and go for a walk. It’s also important to eat a healthy breakfast like porridge, eggs, wholegrain toast or fruit.

Tip #4 Invest in a Skincare Routine

It’s important to invest the time into looking after your skin, understand your skins needs and find the products that work best for you. As the colder months roll around, it’s necessary to follow the 5-step simple routine; cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, treat, moisturise and protect to keep your skin in excellent condition.

September is the perfect time to reset and refocus. As the summer months had been filled with distraction, it’s now time to recharge and refresh.