By Aoife Murtagh

It’s always important to take care of our minds, bodies and souls but as the summer days get filled with action packed activities, self-care is more important than ever. ‘Me time’ is usually last on the agenda with busy work schedules but as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, summer days off are the perfect time to support your mental health, relieve stress and feel connected. This summer, prioritise yourself and follow these self-care tips for your summer days off.  

Tip #1 Care for Your Body

Not only does self-care involve caring for the mind, it also involves caring for the body. During your summer days off care for your body by drinking plenty of water as the sunshine can really dry out our bodies. Get plenty of sleep and eat nutritious foods.

Tip #2 Get Active

Your physical body can often get neglected during the busy work week so summer days off are the perfect time to get active. Try some fun outdoor activities like walking, cycling, swimming, kayaking, yoga and why not bring a friend along! There are so many beautiful outdoor activities for such a small island to get your body moving.

Tip #3 Meet a Friend for a Picnic Lunch

A strong support system is essential to good mental health. Build or grow your support system on your days off by going on a picnic with someone you enjoy being around. Spend the day in the outdoors having a catchup eating sandwiches, drinking cocktails or mocktails and laughing!

Tip #4 Let go of the ‘Shoulds’

Letting go of what your summer days off ‘should’ look like can reduce stress. Feeling pressure that every summer day off has to be jam packed with activities and meeting people is pressurising, relaxing on days off is often crucial to caring for you mind and body. Stop focusing on the ‘Shoulds’ and enjoy the summer experiences as they happen.   Being present in moment is a powerful part of self-care practice.

Tip #5 Take a Trip 

Travelling to and seeing new places can help escape the stresses of everyday life. Whether it’s a day tip or a staycation, it can help you see our beautiful country in a new way and give you a break from the mundane.

We spend so much time putting other people first and sacrificing our own needs that it’s time to put ‘me’ first.