By Sangeetha Shreekar

It may be early to confirm rsvp to Christmas plans but definitely the right time to consider the ideal corporate Christmas gifts. The last couple of years have been daunting on the employees and the employers with the changes from work from home to luring them back to office. 2022 is the year to go the extra mile in thoughtful holiday gifts to show they are appreciated.

  • Go Tech or Go Home! 

We have all succumbed to smart homes and smart offices, including the ring lights that took the zoom call phase by a storm. Step up the tech game with company branded wireless chargers and power packs or even as simple as cable organiser. You can never have enough of them around as the world stays plugged 24/7.

  • Holistic approach: 

Wellness is the cornerstone of all major companies; this holiday season contribute to the cause with aromatherapy diffuser sets or selfcare gift sets for people to put their feet up and relax with a hot cuppa as the holiday season kicks in.

  • Christmas Swag set: 

Company branded swags are appreciated by many. A gift pack of the company swags with a touch of festive greeting will do a great job. It can be as simple as smart coffee mugs, custom socks to beanie hats.

  • Classic and elegant: 

Embossed leather products as old school as it sounds is still highly perceived gifting idea. You could also switch to faux leather organic options. The embossed flask set, or journals will make a great impact and be treasured.

  • Gift hampers: 

Goodies always brings a smile during the festive season. A carefully curated basket reflecting the ethos of the company makes a great impact. You could mix it with bottle of bubbles and treats or curate a neutral vegan friendly basket promoting health.

  • Get playing:  

Why not go the extra mile for the customised poker sets and miniature golf sets to add the fun culture to the gifting season. Set up a game night on the last day of the office and let the fun begin!

  • Summer reminders: 

Everyone dreams of summer during the holiday season, a personalised BBQ tools set with insulated wine bag will bring the summer closer to look forward to.

  • Go green and gift a plant.

We all would still love the houseplants that were tended during the lockdown days. Even out of the box bamboo puzzle kits and organiser can add a great touch to the work desk this festive season.

A memorable corporate gift can make an impact on your most valued clients and customers. Don’t settle for a run of the mill gift that will be set aside. Think about their interests and select a gift that your client or customer will appreciate, and which will reflect the company ethos.

At Planit, we ensure there is a personal touch to our clients’ gifts that is not run off the mill. Our graphics team works on the personal branding and our long-standing relationship with our suppliers ensures the clients get the best deal without compromising on the quality and timeline. If corporate gifting and events is on your task list, reach out to us at info@planit.ie