By Sangeetha Shreekar

The sun is shining, the delayed spring is making its way to a gorgeous summer weather in Ireland. Time to brush the dust off those linen shorts, flip flops and get ready for the fun summertime.

After discovering the joy and pain of working from home, it is time to get to know your colleagues, old and new at a social gathering. The summer months are the perfect time to throw a fun company event. 


The corporate summer event needs to have a definite goal to ensure you choose the right event partners, activities, and location to achieve them. Is it to provide a fun treat for your team or clients or maybe it’s to celebrate a company milestone? Summer events can also be great for building team morale and generating team spirit. It is always helpful to pinpoint why you are holding the event as this will help you to plan the rest of the event more easily.

Out-of-the-box ideas:

Tired of good old classic BBQ events, step up and host an Un-Awards evening. Great craic and draw up a list of awards that are completely tongue-in-cheek. Let teammates vote for each other to make the awards more personal. Pick out things like:

  • Most likely to be five minutes late for a meeting
  • Neatest working space
  • Messiest working space
  • Loudest, office-rattling laugh
  • Copious coffee consumer

Office Olympics:  

This is another great idea which combines fun and team building. Chalk out a great outdoor place (or contact us with the number of people and we will secure the right venue for you). One of the more perfect and affordable summer office party ideas, you have the ability to be creative, whacky and wonderful. Come up with some unique office Olympic activities that will leave everyone buzzing. 

You could also go 1920s peaky blinders style combined with murder mystery, ideal for small groups and we could set it up tiffany lamps decors, low light candles, dark furniture, and a gin bar with a photobooth to keep the fun going. Canapes, finger food set up outdoors would be ideal summer party in style.

Go Vegas style or even the Hawaiian for a low-cost execution which could be set up within your office premises. Serve Hawaiian BBQ and fresh Poke Bowls. Hire professional Hawaiian performers or just have a regular old dance party by yourselves. 

Go global with ‘Around the world’ party. An option to showcase regions where your other offices are located so guests can have a greater connection to them. Décor consisting of cityscapes like the Eiffel tower or NYC can easily be replicated with cardboard. But any internationally inspired flavour works! The food and drinks bringing out the variety of influences represented in your organisation would be highly appreciated and welcomed.

A successful corporate party is about so much more than just a night of fun. A well-run event can go a long way to strengthening the bonds between people. A staff team who gets along with each other are more likely to have successful working relationships. Well executed corporate event themes can help this process along.

Whatever theme you pick, the music you choose goes a long way to creating the right atmosphere. When it comes to corporate party planning, we’ve got you covered. Our 35+ years of experience in the events industry ensures we bring you the best places at the best rates. Book your appointment at info@planit.ie