By Sangeetha Shreekar

The easter egg hunt dates back to 1800s. If you are planning a big easter brunch or having just the kids over, an easter egg hunt just in your backyard can be a huge hit. It is definitely a joy to see the kids running with a bunch of brightly dyed eggs.

Turn this weekend into a fun family gathering, do not shy away from asking other parents to involve if the numbers are big, the more the merrier. Let us begin with a checklist which is core essential for any party planning:

  • Choosing the date and location: Given the Irish weather, the easter weekend still looks promising. Be it your garden or the common playground, ensure the place is safe for kids to run around and always keep the dog away from the hunt to avoid panic.
  • Decorations: A party is incomplete without the decorations. You do not need to go overboard with expensive one time usable, instead you could opt for printable sign which wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Do add buntings, balloons to add the colours of the spring to the party.
  • Prep the eggs:  The chocolate eggs are always in demand but if you are conscious to control the sugar, you could always go for real eggs and dye them bright. Plastic eggs come in variable sizes but you could also opt for eco-friendly options and create your own with the cardboard boxes and papers found around the house: a recycled egg hunt goes a long way in the event being eco-friendly.
  • Jazz it with costume: There is no easter without a bunny. Add more fun and you could request the kids to dress up and run a best dress contest along with the egg hunt. The more recycled items used in the costume, more brownie points. Shape the young minds early to be eco-friendly.
  • Have the basket ready: You could organise a quick DIY with recycled materials to gather kids and prompt them to make their own baskets. Set the mood for fun or you could insist on BYOB (Bring your own basket) invite.
  • Prep eggcelent clue ideas: You could go all creative with video calls, get the grandparents and relatives to record the clues if they are unable to make it to the hunt. Written clues with easter décor as simple as balloons would still be exciting. Choose the location based on the age group.
  • Post hunt games: The fun need not stop after the egg hunt. Add the easter games to keep the activity going. Create a version of duck, duck goose as bunny, bunny hop. Bring the indoor fun with egg bowling, pin the tail on easter bunny or even decorating the eggs found in the hunt will keep the children going with the easter fun.

We believe we have you covered for the Easter party. Irrespective of the options you choose, it is important you have equal fun as much as the guests while hosting it. There are no rules so go wild with your imagination and if you implemented any of our ideas, do not forget to tag us, we love pictures!