By Sangeetha Shreekar

The last 2 years has impacted the event industry, however it has also accelerated the changes and trends which weren’t due for a decade. We have compiled a list of the emerging and new trends that has taken the event industry by a storm and we are confident they would stay relevant.


Hyrbid is definitely here to stay. As live events would return it will definitely be accompanied with the digital strategy to amplify the reach. The hybrid event outlook for the next 2-3 years will likely include many different configurations of in-person and virtual offerings. Check out our detailed blog on hybrid events to learn more.

PR tools

Events are the PR tools. The online events encouraging the second screen experience is now a part of the PR agenda. The flexibility and potential of reaching larger audience emphasises on the online event to become a form of mass communication akin to PR.



Content of the event drives the success. The frills & fancies around the live event being minimised, the content of the event demands is to be educational and hands-on to hold the attention of the audience.  Digital content such as eBooks, livestreamed podcasts, and videos make for great list-building value adds. The focus being shifted to the experiential events for the audience.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is a must. Smart Badges and wristbands using RFID technology can provide a way for contactless payment, digital lead retrieval. Wearable tech can also be used to mitigate risks by controlling crowds and providing contact tracing. 


Sustainability is a priority. Concerns around climate change and the contribution of live events towards wastage and carbon footprint has always been under radar. The hybrid event phase has definitely pushed sustainability in the front seat of event planning. You could check out tips on making your event a sustainable one here.

Scaled back events

Micro events/experience will be predominant. Scaled-back events are more feasible and pose a smaller financial risk for many event planners. Post pandemic recovery will be time consuming with regards to funding for large scale events in terms of production and marketing.


Safety and wellness is uncompromised. The mandatory sanitisation stands to wearable tech gadgets to minimise contact has revolutionised the safety parameters for an event. Online fatigue during virtual events is also a reality. As the events make a comeback, wellness will also dictate the food being served is a healthier option and wellness breaks/workshops are mandatory at every event.

In conclusion, events being online or offline, the above said parameters will be the front runners of the event industry. The strategy for every event will now include safety and emphasize on inclusiveness more than ever. It is time to get your next event planning with the above checklist.