By Sangeetha Shreekar

The year 2020 and 2021 has got the event industry in a standby mode. We all have discovered the workaround with our hybrid events and virtual events to replace our traditional events across the globe.

As a part of every event, there are multiple touchpoints that contribute to the environment in the form of invitations, glossy brochures to pop-up vinyl stands, plastic goodie bags and return gifts. Let’s make 2021 the year to pledge for a better environment. How do we do that? Here is a basic checklist to ensure you have a green event:

Choose your green partners

Right from the event company to the caterers and suppliers of your swag, ensure they are aligned with your goals. You could always set the parameters to qualify your event partners, for example, the caterer should source ingredients locally to minimize the carbon footprint. The event company could provide solutions to ensure all materials utilized in décor or reusable and ethically sourced.

Go digital with the swag

Do away with plastic, one-time-use materials and instead opt for digital or eco-friendly options. Digital gift coupons to all attendees or choose eco-friendly gifts that can speak to the environmentally-conscious side of the attendees/guests, that could range from plants/seeds packet, recycled home décor items, and more.

Have a proper waste management program

A well-planned and well-communicated waste disposal at the event has a great impact on a successful green event. It should also include a list of local food banks/shelters to ensure the leftover food doesn’t end in the bin.

Green venue with transportation

in mind

The venue should be able to show they have invested in green initiatives like a robust onsite waste management system, in-house recycling program, portable composting toilets, energy-efficient systems, or more. You could also check for 3rd party sustainability certifications (such as LEED, APEX/ASTM, Green Key, or Green Leaders).

Paperless is the key

Right from e-invites to utilizing digital apps for event planning, you will ensure you have a green event from the start. There are multiple event apps in the market that you can integrate with your live events, like Eventee, Aventri, Whova, and many more.

The above tips will ensure your event is ready to go green. We at Planit believe in aligning our commitment with our client’s goals, which includes a green event. Get in touch to know how we could help you in making your next event Go Green.