Long term Event Planning

Long term Event Planning By Sangeetha Shreekar Event planning timeline differs for each event based on the group size, budget location and more. Event timelines is a sequence of events at defined dates and are often used for project management. An event planning timeline is a checklist, in chronological order, of all the stages and steps

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Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas By Sangeetha Shreekar December is the party season. Be it hosting family for the much-awaited Christmas dinner or having friends over to ring in the NYE in style. The food being the focus, throwing in the right entertainment mix to your party will guarantee you a great evening. We bring you a

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KPI for Events

KPI for Events By Sangeetha Shreekar The success of an event can be measured in multiple ways. However, it is recommended that an even planning has predefined KPIs to ensure the objectives are agreed by all the parties involved before the commencement of the event. When determining and defining the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) the

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Sustainable Halloween

Sustainable Halloween By Aoife Murtagh Here are our top tips to keep in mind during the spooky season to have mindful and sustainable Halloween. Once the month of October rolls around, Halloween is at the fore front of everyone’s mind. Most people love the quirky costumes, sugary sweets and spooky decorations. However, one thing we

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Decluttering Life

Decluttering Life By Sangeetha Shreekar We all are guilty of hoarding, and we do accumulate clutter in the process over a period. Let us get to organisation of the clutter around us to make life work better, physically, and psychologically. Clutter and procrastination run hand in hand, we would always have the decluttering on our

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